Four Tet

Not so long ago, Four Tet was considered one of the main acts in the folktronic scene… But this was a terrible misconception, an ugly blindness. With the release of Four Tet’s album “Rounds” (Domino, 2003) Kieran Hebden showed the world that his talents ranged well beyond folk and electronic music. Though it’s true: his songs orbit around that crispy and warm analog feeling that someone could––mistakenly––associate with folk music. And nobody can deny that the base of all his compositions is an intricate patchwork of densely layered electronic music. But what Four Tet does is much more than a mixing of those two genres: it is a unique case of “two and two makes a five.” Call it magic, call it technique, but Hebden’s personal touch adds much more than a simple melding of two styles. It is a level of mastery that, when applied to magnificent albums such as “There is Love in You” (Domino, 2010) or “Pink” (Text, 2010), creates turning point where you can feel Four Tet heading energetically towards the dance floor. It is impossible not to follow him.

36”x24” / 91x60cm
Limited edition of 10 signed by Kieran Hebden.
(30% of profits will go to a charity organization chosen by the artist)