John Talabot

There are artists who choose to hide behind a mask, but John Talabot simply prefers not to show his face. This is not about playing a character; it is much more about putting music in the forefront––a wall that should transcend the persona. After all, Talabot has been known to claim that it is music that is important, not artists. He was successful at keeping up this wall… at least for a while. But, after the heat wave caused by his song “Sunshine,” it didn’t take long until the tastemaking website Pitchfork crowned Talabot as “the next big thing from Spain” (or was it the only big thing from Spain?). Nowadays, although it is still rare that he shows his face, we know that behind John Talabot there is Oriol Riverola. We also know that he’s capable of composing a stunning homage to ’90’s house music such as his debut album, “fIN” (Permanent Vacation, 2012): a tribute to the past that somehow sounds like it has just landed here from the future.

36”x24” / 91x60cm
Limited edition of 10 signed by Oriol Riverola.
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